30th May 2023 - 2nd June 2023 | Bizkaia Aretoa | Bilbao | Spain | Europe
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Graça Raposo

Institut Curie · Department of Cell Biology


G. Raposo received her PhD in 1989 at the Univ. Paris VII. From 1990 to 1995 she was a post-doctoral fellow in the Immunology Center, Marseille and in the Dept of Cell Biology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She is a team leader in the Dept of Cell Biology and Cancer and for over 7 years she has been the Director of the Training unit at Institut Curie,Paris ,France. G. Raposo is one of the pioneers and world's leaders in understanding the cellular and molecular principles underlying the biogenesis and functions of Extracellular Vesicles, Exosomes, Microvesicles and Lysosome Related Organelles. Her research has been focused on how the process is regulated at the cellular and tissue level from fundamental mechanisms to applied research. Her work made seminal contributions in the fields of immunology and cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and skin pigmentation. Her studies lead to development of therapeutical strategies in cancer and pigmentation, and she is enrolled in several partnerships with industrials. She is also an internationally renown expert in state-of-the-art imaging and electron microscopy.

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